Typical project case - Civil construction chapter
Typical project case - Civil construction chapter
Rongxi District resettlement housing (including supporting facilities) and supporting branch municipal infrastructure projects
Project address: Xiongan New Area, Hebei Province Floor area: about 3000 tons Structure form: frame Number of floors: High level Project profile: The project site is adjacent to Yung Chi Street on the east, Yung Hing Street on the south, Yung Pa Street on the west and Howdan Road on the north. Construction content: It mainly includes 6 monomers including cultural activity center, community service center, community health service center, national fitness center, food market and an underground garage. Q235B and Q355B are the main steel components.

Altai Jikeprin International Ice and snow tourism base Holiday hotel project
Project address: Burjin County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Floor area: about 4000 tons Structural form: frame, shaped roof Layers: Multiple layers Project Overview: This project 4 floors on the ground, 1 times underground, cornice height of 21.27 meters, length of 167 meters, width of 144.5 meters, structural form of steel frame, steel structure mainly adopts hot rolled H-section, welding H-shaped section, the project is located in a special geographical environment, short time limit, large volume, material transportation is difficult, and all are special-shaped structure, in the extremely cold weather, construction difficulty is very big.

New rural renovation of prefabricated houses
Project address: Linhe District, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia Structure form: assembly type Number of floors: Single layer Project overview: The new rural reconstruction project is based on the principle of farmers' autonomy, voluntary enterprise and government support, with farmers as the main body of housing construction and enterprises with prefabricated products in rural areas voluntarily participating, to build a batch of prefabricated rural housing with excellent performance, beautiful style, color coordination, perfect function and obvious advantages of construction period. Our company provides a series of schemes for the project, such as standardized design of structural rural housing, factory production, assembly construction, integrated energy-saving decoration, etc., to ensure that pilot farmers can truly feel the advantages of prefabricated rural housing in terms of construction performance, style, function and construction period, and lead the new fashion of rural housing construction.

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