Typical project cases - Public Buildings
Typical project cases - Public Buildings
Ordos Bronze Culture Museum and Archives
Project address: Ordos City Building area: 22,000 square meters Structure form: frame structure Number of floors: 6 Project overview: The steel structure is 1700t, the structure is mixed concrete and steel structure, the lower central steel structure (outsourced concrete), the outer steel structure ring beam (composite floor bearing plate), the top is steel structure dome structure; Construction special program through the demonstration of multi-expert group.

Xiongan Start-up Area University Park Library
Project address: Xiongan New Area, Hebei Province Building area: 68,000 square meters Structure form: frame truss dome Project overview: University Park Library of Xiongan New Area is located in the start-up zone of Xiongan New Area, covering a land area of 31.8 mu, divided into 2 underground floors and 7 above-ground floors. The planned total construction area is 68,136.80 square meters, including 43,147.71 square meters of above-ground floor area and 24,989.09 square meters of underground floor area. The foundation form of the library is based on pile foundation raft, and the main structure is cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame shear wall structure, with metal roof and concrete roof. The main functions of University Garden Library in Xiongan New Area are above ground as a library and below ground as a motorized garage, book storage, comprehensive activity space and equipment room, with a collection of about 1.5 million volumes and 3,500 reading seats.

China Mongolia Expo permanent International Convention Center
Project Address: Hohhot City Dongjing Fourth Road Construction area: 202738.47 square meters steel quantity: 2400 tons Project overview: China-Mongolia Expo Permanent International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total steel volume of 2400 tons, a total construction area of 202,738.47 square meters, including an above-ground construction area of 196,832.32 square meters, underground construction area of 5906.15 square meters. The building area of the convention Center is 119,525.60 square meters. The building area of the conference center is 82,212.8 square meters.

OCT Art Center of Zhuozhou City, OCT
Project address: Zhuozhou Baoding City, Hebei Province Project Overview: As a highlight building of Zhuozhou OCT, OTC Culture and Art Center is planned to provide functions such as citizen library, four Seasons ecological exhibition hall, urban multimedia exhibition hall, multi-function hall, enterprise gallery, art courtyard, outdoor theater, children's playground, and office and conference area. In the future, the OTC Culture and Art Center will integrate contemporary art resources at home and abroad. By holding exhibitions, academic forums and establishing contemporary art studios, Promoting cultural exchanges and development.

Erenhot International Convention and Exhibition Center Pedestrian corridor, 7# Conference Center
Project address: Erenhot City Building area: 57,000 square meters Structure form: frame truss dome Number of floors: 2 Project overview: The project construction site is located in the south of Dinosaur Street, Chuangfei Road east, covers an area of about 115,726 square meters, construction area of more than 57,000 square meters, Erenhot City is the key construction of a collection of exhibition, business, conference, catering, accommodation, entertainment as one of the multifunctional activity center, with the ability to undertake large fairs, trade talks.

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