Typical project case - Electricity section
Typical project case - Electricity section
Zhangjiakou No. 1 15 MW solar thermal power station tower solar thermal center tower steel structure project
Construction unit: Zhang Bei Huaqiang Zhaoyang Energy Co., LTD Project address: Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City Building height: about 150 meters
Steel used: 1300 tons Project Overview: Tower steel structure project of 15 MW solar thermal power station in Zhangjiakou No. 1, with a diameter of 23 meters and a total height of 148 meters, the center is composed of 6 box columns of 400mm*400mm, and the outer ring is composed of 8 pipe columns of 1000mm*1000mm. The tubular string is tilted inward by 18.5 degrees, forming a pyramidal shape. The central tower is equipped with a sightseeing elevator. Finally, the tower becomes a steel structure project integrating sightseeing and power generation. The steel structure outer ring column is mainly vertical bearing and lateral force resistance structure, including column, inclined beam and inclined brace. The outer ring column has a total of 8 columns, and the inclined brace is inclined to the steel pipe column, using 450mm×14mm steel pipe. The connection between the inclined brace and the steel pipe column adopts the hinged connection form, 8 for each layer; All on-site joints are fully welded and the weld grade is level 1. By H - beam cantilever and pipe string diagonal brace for tying. Ensure that device modules are installed. The steel selected in this project according to the use of the central tower function. All steel columns, beams and struts are Q345C low alloy structural steel; Low hydrogen electrode is used for welding. The outer part of the component was sprayed with zinc arc spray, and the thickness of zinc layer was 80μm.

Huayun New Material 5*330MW Self-provided cogeneration unit project Steel structure project of main workshop
Project address: Huayun New Material Power Plant, Aluminum Industry Park, Donghe District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Steel used: about 11,000 tons
Project overview: Project structure: In 2012 and 2016, Huayun New Material Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of 1#, 2# and 3#~5#, five 330MW self-provided cogeneration units. Our company has undertaken the processing and production of the steel structure of 1#, 3# and 4# units, with a total production volume of about 11,000 tons. The construction characteristics of the project are tight construction period and relatively large production difficulty (the height of the column is nearly 50 meters, and the steel plate used for the column combination is 35~50mm, belonging to the thick plate welding). The splicing welds belong to the penetration welds.

Ningxia East and West combined cycle thermoelectric cold link project of 1*200mw
Construction unit: Ningxia East and West Thermoelectric Co., LTD Project address: Yinchuan, Ningxia Steel used: about 2,300 tons
Project overview: The structural form of the project is frame structure, the number of layers is 15; The steel structure is 2300t, and the structure is frame structure, among which the perforation rate between beam and beam, beam and column is ensured to achieve more than 99%.

Hengfeng Energy Power Plant 2×350MW cogeneration unit project + air cooling island steel structure production project
Construction unit: Baotou Xinhengfeng Energy Co., LTD Project address: Jinshan Industrial Park, Guyang County, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Steel used: about 1700 tons
Project Overview 1: There are two units of 2×350MW air cooling islands in this project. Each unit is equipped with a direct air cooling system. The two air cooling systems are arranged next to each other and are connected by footpaths. The air cooling island platform planking board (walking path, fan cover plate) and air duct pendant are installed on the air cooling island platform. The amount of steel used for the single unit of this project is about 1700 tons. The surface coating adopts cold spraying zinc process, and the anti-corrosion life is 30 years.
Project overview 2: The structural form of this project is composed of steel column, steel beam, steel support, steel truss composite truss structure. This project is Baotou New Hengfeng Energy Co., Ltd. invested in Guyang sea level 2*350MW power plant supporting air cooling island project. Our company has undertaken the processing and production of the air-cooled island steel structure of Unit 1#, with a production volume of about 1700 tons. This project is the first air-cooled island production task contracted by our company. All nodes are connected by high-strength bolts. Anticorrosive surface requires cold spray zinc treatment; It is characterized by a very tight construction period, and processing quality, processing precision requirements.

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