Typical project case - coal shed
Typical project case - coal shed
Qingshuihe County Wanggui Kiln Coal storage and Transportation Company coal storage yard coal shed project
Construction unit: Wanggui Kiln Coal Storage and Transportation Company Project address: Hohhot City Project overview: The structural form of this project is tube truss; The plane size is (95m+78m)x460m, and two expansion joints are arranged longitudinally. The maximum span of the grid is 95m and the maximum height is 35m.

Coal shed closure project of Baotou Jingwei Energy Chemical Co., LTD
Project address: Inner Mongolia Baotou City Building area: about 50000 square meters Project overview: This project is a steel grid structure with four corner conical spherical shell structure, with a span of 198 meters * length of 244.9 meters, and a total construction area of about 50000 square meters.

Barongtu coal mine coal shed closure project
Project address: Dongsheng Balongtu Coal Mine storage yard
Building area: about 30000 square meters
Project overview: The construction area is  about 30000 square meters, with a total of 4 monomer spans of 40 meters, among which the 1# shed spans 80 meters for two consecutive, and the 2# shed spans 120 meters for three consecutive.
Junge Banner warm water logistics Park
Project address: Junge Banner Building area: about 6000 square meters
Amount of steel used: 690 tons Project overview: This project is to put the quadrangle cone bolt ball node mesh shell structure, mesh span 60m, longitudinal length 94.5m, upper column point support (gable part of the mesh frame for the upper string support), grid structure support spacing according to 6.3m, the top elevation of the mesh shell 19m, 72.7m long, 10m wide grid structure gas building, gas roof elevation 21m. The total projected building area is about 6000 square meters. Roof enclosure for single color plate, local no lighting belt.

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