Typical project case - Industrial plant section
Typical project case - Industrial plant section
Hohhot Jingdong Logistics Park Asia **** logistics warehousing project
Client name: Jingdong Group Project address: Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Building area: about 75,000 square meters Project overview: "Jingdong Asia ****" is a key project of Jingdong Group to build the automation operation center into a modern operation center with the largest building scale and the highest degree of automation in the B2C industry in Asia. The project is located in the core area of Helinger New District, covering a total area of 412 mu and a total construction area of 210,000 square meters. The project is divided into the first and second phases of construction, and the first phase of construction area is 75,000 square meters. The main construction contents include Jingdong E-commerce business center, smart logistics demonstration base, regional procurement center, Jingdong Inner Mongolia regional headquarters and demonstration base of unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned vehicle distribution and unmanned supermarket. The project adopts domestic leading intelligent robots and other warehousing technologies to realize the whole process and multi-scene application of artificial intelligence, unmanned sorting, unmanned vehicle, unmanned patrol and unmanned aerial vehicle, and strives to build the world's most intelligent logistics park.

Montai Dalat 900,000 tons/year aluminum strip project
Client: Inner Mongolia Mengtai Coal Power Group Co., LTD Project address: Daqi, Ordos City Construction area: about 250,000 square meters Project overview: The project will support the construction of power workshop, raw material preparation workshop, casting workshop, casting workshop, etc., with a total investment of about 9.1 billion yuan. The project will be constructed in two phases, and the first phase is scheduled to be put into operation at the end of September 2017. AA3004 aluminum magnesium manganese plate is used for the project's enclosure products, which is a cost-effective roofing and exterior wall material. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, diverse surface treatment, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, easy installation, environmental protection and so on. At the same time its vertical locking system does not need to glue, 100% structural waterproof. At the same time, it is very suitable for harsh climate environment, such as strong wind, rain and snow. Moreover, the vertical edge of the vertical locking system is 65mm, giving the building a rhythmic and modern appearance.

Shanshan Technology Baotou integrated production base with an annual output of 100,000 tons
Client Name: Shanghai Shanshan Technology Co., LTD
Project address: Baotou City
Construction area: about 43,000 square meters
Project overview: Baotou integrated production base with annual output of 100,000 tons is the first production base of negative electrode materials of Shanshan Technology, as well as the world's best production base of lithium cathode materials. The integrated base is from raw material processing, raw material processing, graphitization, carbonization to finished product processing, set five processes in one negative electrode material production line. The total investment of this project is 3.8 billion yuan, covers an area of about 980 mu, the total construction area is about 330,000 square meters, steel structure construction area of 42,600 square meters.
Mark factory of Inner Mongolia Guoxuan Zero Carbon Technology Co., LTD
Customer Name: Feidong Guoxuan New Material Co., LTD Project address: Wuhai City Construction area: 94600 square meters Project overview: Wuhai Graphitization (Phase I) 1#, 2#, workshop of Feidong Guoxuan New Materials Co., LTD. Single width of 50 meters and 36 meters, the weight of single heaviest member (intermediate steel column) is 9.35 tons, the weight of side column is 6.24 tons. Steel column length 22.95 meters, column spacing 7.5 meters. A 50-meter span beam weighs about 9.75 tons, and a 36-meter span beam weighs about 4.55 tons.

Shuangliang Silicon Material Co., LTD. 40GW monocrystalline silicon chip project
Client name: Shuangliang Silicon Material (Baotou) Co., LTD Project address: Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone Construction area: about 300,000 square meters Project overview: East of the central axis of steel structure workshop of single crystal No. 3 plant all the roof and wall steel structure workshop color steel plate enclosure installation, and roof purlin. Wall purlin, support, strip, roof panel, wall panel, sandwich insulation wool, gutter, flooding, bracket, wrapping, closing, ridge tile, etc.

Hongyuan monocrystalline silicon pulling and photovoltaic industry supporting production project phase I, III, IV
Client name: Hongyuan New Material (Baotou) Co., LTD Project address: Inner Mongolia Baotou City Construction area: about 40,000 square meters Project overview: Hongyuan New Materials (Baotou) Co., Ltd. is constructing and implementing the fourth phase of Hongyuan monocrystalline silicon pulling crystal and photovoltaic industry supporting production project with a total investment of 12.3 billion yuan. The project is located in the new planning area of equipment manufacturing Industrial Park, covers an area of 1000 mu, and mainly invests 40GW monocrystalline silicon pulling crystal capacity and related supporting projects of photovoltaic industry. After completion, it is expected to achieve annual output value of about 10 billion yuan, fixed asset investment of no less than 5 billion yuan, tax payment of 300 million yuan, and employment of 6,000 people. The project approval work has been completed. The planned investment in 2022 is 7.89 billion yuan, and the accumulated investment has been completed by 500 million yuan since the project started construction. The construction period is 2022-2023.

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