Profile of Zhonghengfeng Group
Zhonghengfeng Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a group enterprise mainly engaged in EPC, construction engineering contracting and steel structure engineering contracting. The road to entrepreneurship began in 2009, which was founded by the founder Li Tao and his team. The Group's member enterprises include: Zhonghengfeng Construction Group Co., LTD., Inner Mongolia Hengjiu Steel Structure (Group) Co., LTD.; Zhonghengfeng Xinneng Steel Structure (Inner Mongolia) Co., LTD.; Zhonghengfeng (Shandong) Heavy Industry Steel Structure Co., LTD.; Shaanxi Xinhengjiu International Construction Engineering Co., LTD. The group has four directly affiliated manufacturing bases: Baotou Hengjiu Steel Structure Manufacturing Base, Baotou New Energy Steel Structure Manufacturing Base, Baotou Bridge Manufacturing Plant, Shandong Qingzhou Heavy Steel Manufacturing Base. The group has a number of professional qualifications, It includes general contracting qualification of construction engineering, professional contracting qualification of steel structure engineering, professional contracting qualification of bridge engineering, construction labor service qualification, professional contracting qualification of environmental protection engineering, professional contracting qualification of special engineering, professional contracting qualification of foundation engineering, professional contracting qualification of building mechanical and electrical installation engineering, professional contracting qualification of building curtain wall engineering, professional contracting qualification of fire protection facilities engineering Contract qualification, professional contracting qualification of building decoration engineering, professional contracting of waterproof anticorrosion and thermal insulation engineering, etc. The group has advanced scientific research center and BIM information management system, chief editor and editor of more than 10 national and industrial standards, independent and perfect steel structure optimization system, mature node detailed drawing and a complete set of standardized installation procedures. With many colleges and universities and steel structure research institute long-term cooperation, in the design and calculation stage to ensure the safety, reliability and economic rationality of the grid and steel structure. The Group has long-term cooperation with many railway units, such as China Railway Beijing Bureau, China Railway Electrification Bureau, China Railway 14th Bureau, China Railway 16th Bureau and China Railway 3rd Bureau. Participated in the red line inspection initiated by the railway Corporation and successfully passed many projects such as the newly built Golmud-Korla Railway depot combined garage project for locomotive maintenance in the Xinjiang section of Korla Railway, the first standard project of Shanghehang Railway station housing of China Railway Beijing Bureau, Bozhou High-speed Railway Station housing project. Familiar with all kinds of inspection in railway system, have rich practical experience in experiment, site, construction record, approach inspection and so on. The group has a wide variety of envelope products, safe and professional structure building system, perfect combination of main steel structure and envelope board, to provide customers with structural building, envelope board, light housing, lighting roof and other set engineering design, manufacturing, production, construction management one-stop complete engineering solutions! At every stage of every construction project, it ensures that products are manufactured, functionally and technically supported to a standard of excellence. The group has advanced production equipment and processing technology. Each steel structure manufacturing base is equipped with a production line composed of multiple numerical control cutting machine, hydraulic assembly machine, gantry submerged arc welding machine, flange straightening machine, large shot blasting machine and automatic spraying machine. The grid manufacturing has the most advanced domestic blanking, hydraulic clamping system, automatic gas welding processing automatic production line, and equipped with the grid frame special shot blasting machine and spraying, spraying equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with corresponding production lines for the manufacture of pipe truss, box column and other special-shaped components. Zhonghengfeng Group always adheres to the core values of "customer service as the center" and the enterprise spirit of "unity, pragmatism, hard work and progress" to create long-term customer value! In the construction and development process of many cities across the country, there have been hundreds of typical project achievements.
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