Typical project case - Bridge section
Typical project case - Bridge section
Haiqing Highway (Jinhan Highway ~ West Outer Ring highway) project
Construction unit: Transportation Bureau of Ninghe District, Tianjin
Address: Ninghe District, Tianjin
Total steel used: more than 10,000 tons
Project overview: The starting point of this project is the intersection of Haiqing Highway and the current Jinhan Highway, the route -- straight south, intersects with the planned secondary trunk road three, then crosses the Xinjin-Han Highway and Changshen Highway, and the end point is connected with the reserved exit of the West Outer Ring Highway in the future Science and Technology City. Main control points: the completed section of Haiqing Highway, Changshen Expressway, other planned roads in the region (mainly Xinjin and Hangong). Road), main Road 4, secondary road 3, West Outer Ring Highway and future Science and Technology City, etc.
Steel box girder project of No.2 section of Jingxiong high-speed SG2 Contract
Construction unit: Chongqing Communications Construction (Group) Co. LTD
Project address: Gu 'an County, Hebei Province
Total steel used: nearly 5,000 tons
Project overview: The owner of SG2 standard project of Hebei section of expressway from Beijing to Xiongan New Area is Hebei Expressway Administration Bureau. The project is divided into six contract sections. Chongqing Communications Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction of the second contract section. Chongqing Communications Construction (Group) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Communications Construction Group) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Communications Construction Group Co., LTD.). The construction scope includes the SG2 Dongwan Interconnecting A, B, C, D and G ramp bridge of the Hebei section of the expressway from Beijing to Xiongan New Area and the steel box girder of the Longzhuohigh-speed overpass.
Steel box girder bridge of new airport connecting line, Yunzhong Road, Hohhot
Project address: Hohhot City
Amount of steel used: more than 15,000 tons
Project overview: This project is the bridge project of the new airport connecting line of Yunzhong Road in Hohhot City. According to the design of China Municipal Engineering Central South Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., the bridge project is divided into main line viaduct, parallel ramp, etc. The main line viaduct has a total length of 3.26km, the standard width of 35m, two-way eight lanes. The superstructure consists of prestressed concrete simply supported variable continuous small box girder, steel box girder and steel-mixed composite beam. The steel structure of the composite beam adopts fully welded steel beam, which is composed of main beam, transverse beam and one-word stiffener. The top surface of the upper flange plate of the steel beam is equipped with shear keys connected to the concrete bridge panel as a whole. The lower cap, column and cover beam are constructed by cast-in-place method. The total length of steel box girder P61-P72 is 446.025 meters.
Daheihe Cable-stayed Bridge project of Jinsheng Road, Hohhot City
Project address: Hohhot City
The amount of steel used: more than 10,000 tons
Daheihe Cable-stayed Bridge is a key control project of Jinsheng Expressway project in Helinger New District, Inner Mongolia. This type of bridge adopts the 135+135m special-shaped arch tower single-tower double-cable-plane cable-stayed bridge scheme. The tower and pier are consolidated without auxiliary piers. The main tower of this bridge is 4100 tons, the main bridge is 4300 tons, and the approach bridge is 2600 tons. The main pier of the bridge tower is set on the central bank of the river, and the single hole is respectively across the north and south sides of the river and the river patrol road on the shore. The tower is a double oval shaped four-arch ring type cable tower, with a height of 86m. The cable adopts double cable plane fan-shaped arrangement, the upper main beam adopts steel-mixed composite beam, the cable adopts parallel steel wire bundle, the main pier adopts pile group foundation, and the pile foundation is bored pile foundation.
Span Huda high - speed steel arch bridge project
Construction unit: Ordos Eastern Road and Bridge Group Co., LTD Project address: Ordos City Tonnage: nearly 3,000 tons Project Overview: This bridge is the connection line from Dalu coal-power-aluminum integration base to New District. The starting point of the project is located at the intersection of Weft 2nd Road and East Ring Road of Dalu coal-power-aluminum integration base, and the end point is at the intersection of Wei 2nd Street and Jingsan Road of Dalu South coal-chemical Industry Base, which is an important channel connecting the coal-power integration base, West Industrial Park and south coal-chemical industry base. As its throat, the trans-Hu highway bridge project is an important landscape node.

Xi 'an Outer Ring Highway southern section LJ-2 Steel box girder bridge project
Construction unit: Shaanxi Expressway Group Co., LTD
Project address: Xi 'an City
Tonnage: more than 3,000 tons
The Qinzhen interchange of Xi 'an Outer Ring Highway (southern section) is located on the west side of Qindu Town and connects with Xihu First Grade highway, which assumes the function of converting urban roads and expressways. Qin town interchange K8 + 095.75 Hu city viaduct left 18 league, right of 16, the second group is using (60 + 80 + 60 m steel box concrete composite Bridges, using high weathering steel girders Q370qDNH trough steel composite beams, driving but 16.9 m wide, main girder total height of 4.0 m, girders, K form will be used and the longitudinal spacing is 4 m. The driveway slab is made of precast concrete slab with full width of transverse precast and transverse prestress; Nail holes are reserved for the driveway plate, and cluster welding nails are arranged on the upper flange plate of the steel beam corresponding to the welding hole and wet joint. After the positioning and installation of the precast driving plate, the welding holes and wet joint concrete are poured to connect with the steel beam.
Construction and installation of tie arch and steel truss in Xiaoqing River restoration Project
Construction unit: China Railway Construction Port and Shipping Bureau Group Co., LTD
Project address: Binzhou City, Shandong Province, Boxing County, Dongying City, Guangrao County
Tonnage: nearly 3,000 tons
Project overview: The Xiaoqing River Restoration project is an important content of the comprehensive management plan of Xiaoqing River Basin in Shandong Province, the first-batch preferred project of the major project pool of the transformation of old and new driving forces in Shandong Province, and also the inland waterway construction project promoted by Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Shandong Provincial government in recent years. The project covers 169.2 kilometers of five cities along the Xiaoqing River, with an estimated investment of 13.59 billion yuan and a planned construction period of 3 years. It will be officially launched in 2022 and run for 27 years until 2048. Shandong Ocean Group and China Railway Construction will jointly establish a project company to take charge of the overall construction and operation of the project. Our company has undertaken the construction and installation of two of the Bridges.
Steel box girder for the upgrading project of Zhelimu Road, Zhaowuda Road, Hohhot
Construction unit: Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co. LTD
Project address: Hohhot City
Tonnage: nearly 15,000 tons
Project Overview: The project is under construction. Party A is Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., LTD. The project consumption is about 14,000 tons. The project starts from the South Second Ring Road in the south and ends at the north Second Ring Road in the north, with a total length of about 9.22km. The whole line is in the form of elevated, and the main road has six two-way lanes. This is the first large-scale application in the eight-degree seismic zone in China, and it is also the key livelihood project of Hohhot to improve the traffic environment and the quality of life of the people.
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