Typical project cases - multi-storey framework, public buildings
Ordos Bronze Culture Museum and Archives
Project address: Ordos City Floor area: 22,000 ㎡ Structural form: frame structure Number of floors: 6 Project Overview: Steel structure 1700T, the structure is concrete and steel mixed structure, the lower center steel structure (outsourcing concrete) overhanging steel structure ring beam (composite floor plate), the top is steel structure dome structure; The special construction plan passed the demonstration of multi-party expert group.
Permanent International Convention and Exhibition Center of The China-Mongolia Expo
Project Address: Hohhot Dongjing No.4 Road Building area: 202738.47㎡ Steel quantity: 2400 tons Project Overview: The permanent international Convention and Exhibition center of China-Mongolia Expo, with a total steel volume of 2,400 tons, has a total construction area of 202,738.47 ㎡, including 19,832.32 ㎡ on the ground and 5,906.15 ㎡ underground. The building area of the Convention and Exhibition Center is 119,525.60 ㎡. The building area of the convention center is 82212.8㎡.
Ordos City Guotai Business Square north and South square underground ancillary project
Project address: North Plaza, Guotai Business Square, Ordos City Building area: 2538 square meters Structural form: shell steel structure Project Overview: The flat facade is oval in shape, with a decorative leaf on both sides of the southern half. The top of the dome structure is a 3m box ring beam with a diameter. There are 16 radiating beams (arc-shaped) connected to the concrete foundation from the top ring beam to the surrounding; Seven horizontal ring beams are arranged on the radiant beam between the top ring beam and the concrete foundation. The entire dome structure sits above the concrete basement structure. Decorative leaf status is also for the concrete foundation. A steel column is arranged above and connected with a radiation beam.
Erenhot International Convention and Exhibition Center Pedestrian corridor, 7# Conference Center
Project address: Erenhot city Building area: 57,000 square meters Structural form: frame and mesh frame dome Floors: 2 floors Project description: the project construction site is located in the dinosaur avenue south, entrepreneurial road east, covers an area of about 115726 square meters, construction area of more than 57000 square meters, is a set of key construction erlianhot city exhibition, trade, conference, catering, accommodation, entertainment as one of the multi-purpose activity center, have the ability to undertake large-scale exhibition, trade fair.