Typical project cases - grid frame, coal shed
The coal shed project of the coal storage yard of Erdaohe gathering and transportation Station of Wanggui Kiln Coal storage and Transportation Company in Qinshuihe County
Construction unit: Wanggui Kiln Coal storage and transportation Company Project address: Hohhot city Project Overview: The structure of this project is in the form of pipe truss; The plane size is (95m+78m)x460m, with two longitudinal expansion joints; The maximum span of the grid is 95m and the maximum height is 35m.
Coal shed Enclosure project of Baotou Jingwei Neng Chemical Co. LTD
Project address: Baotou, Inner Mongolia Building area: 46,906 square meters Project Overview: This project is a steel grid structure with square conical spherical shell, multi-connection span of 198 meters * 244.9 meters, and a total construction area of 46,906 square meters.
Baruntu Coal Mine coal shed closure project
Project address: Dongsheng City Barongtu Coal mine storage yard
Building area: 28,915 ㎡
Project Overview: The building area is 28,915 square meters, and there are 4 monomers with a span of 40 meters, of which no. 1 shed has a span of 80 meters for two and no. 2 shed has a span of 120 meters for three.