Typical project cases - Industrial plant section
Jingdong Logistics Park, Hohhot, Asia **** Logistics warehousing project
Construction Unit: JINGdong Group Project address: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Building area: 74752.40㎡ Project Overview: "Jingdong Asia ****" is a key project that Jingdong Group is determined to build the automation operation center into a modern operation center with the largest construction scale and the highest degree of automation within the B2C industry in Asia. Project is located and salinger's core, the total area of 412 mu, total construction area of 210000 square meters, the project includes the construction of phase I and ii, the first phase of the construction area of 7.5 square meters, the main construction contents including jingdong e-commerce business center, the wisdom logistics demonstration base, regional procurement center, jingdong Inner Mongolia regional headquarters and uav, empty car distribution, the model of the supermarket. The project adopts domestic leading intelligent robot and other storage technologies to realize the whole process and multi-scene application of artificial intelligence, unmanned sorting, unmanned vehicle, unmanned inspection and uav, and strive to build a world-class intelligent logistics park.
Montaidarat 900000 tons/year aluminum strip project
Construction unit: Inner Mongolia Mengtai Coal power Group Co., LTD Project address: Daqi, Ordos City Construction area: 250,000 ㎡ Project Overview: The project supports the construction of power workshop, raw material preparation workshop, casting workshop, casting and rolling workshop, with a total investment of about 9.1 billion yuan. The first phase of the project is scheduled to go into operation at the end of September 2017. The envelopment product of the project USES AA3004 aluminum magnesium manganese plate, which is a very cost-effective roof and external wall material. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, diverse surface treatment, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, easy installation and environmental protection. It also has an upright locking system that does not require glue and is 100 percent structural. At the same time, it is well suited to harsh climates, such as strong winds, heavy rain and snow. Moreover, the vertical lock system has a vertical edge height of 65mm, giving the building a rhythmic and modern appearance.
Standard plant project of Inner Mongolia Qingshan Automobile Co., LTD
Construction unit: Ningbo Huayi Construction Co., LTD Project address: Baotou City Construction area: 40000㎡ Project Overview: The project structure is portal steel frame, the width of # 1 workshop is 106m, the distance between columns is 6m, 7.5m and 8m, and the total length is 355m. The height of the building is 17.9m. The steel crane beam is Gn=5t, S= 22.5m and H= 8.4m. The main part of the workshop is the first floor and the part (workshop auxiliary room) is the second floor. Roofing system: V-470 pressure colored steel plate +150mm thick glass insulation cotton +V-1090 pressure colored steel plate. Wall system: V-1025 pressure colored steel plate +150mm thick glass insulation cotton +V-1090 pressure colored steel plate.
Artes 3GW silicon wafers and 600MW components project -105# polycrystalline ingot workshop
Construction unit: Baotou Atse Sunshine Energy Technology Co., LTD Project address: Baotou City Area: 34,060 ㎡ Project tonnage: 2,600 tons Project Overview: The project is a multi-layer door steel structure, the total construction area: 34060㎡. The width of the steel structure workshop is 112.9m, the column spacing is 7m and 9m, the total length is 232m and the building height is 11.3m. The main workshop has one floor, and the local workshop has two floors. The total amount of steel used is about 2,600 tons.
Jiannengxinghui Ceramics Co., LTD. **** steel warehouse + newly added crane beam project
Construction unit: Inner Mongolia Jianeng Xinghui Ceramics Co., LTD Project address: Dalat Banner, Ordos City Construction area: 24000㎡ Project overview: this project is located in dalad Shang beam three industrial park, construction area of 24000 square meters, the total amount of steel 1100 tons, including civil engineering general contracting, steel structure for the door frame structure form, total duration of 65 days, length 125 meters, 196 meters width is 100 mm thick rock wool composite panels, roof wall system for aluminum magnesium manganese double veneer, 100 mm glass wool insulation.
Shanshan technology Baotou annual output of 100,000 tons of integrated production base
Construction unit: Shanghai Shanshan Technology Co., LTD
Project address: Baotou City
Construction area: 42600㎡
Project Overview: Baotou integrated production base with an annual output of 100,000 tons is the largest production base of negative electrode materials of Shanshan Science and Technology, as well as the largest production base of lithium negative electrode materials in the world. The integrated base is a negative electrode material production line integrating five processes: raw material processing, raw material processing, graphitization and carbonization to finished product processing. With a total investment of 3.8 billion yuan, the project covers an area of about 980 mu, with a total construction area of about 330,000 square meters and steel structure construction area of 42,600 square meters.
Xinli Textile Technology Co., LTD. 1#-6# workshop, production center laboratory engineering
Construction unit: Inner Mongolia Xinli Textile Technology Co., LTD
Project address: Baotou City
Construction area: 32,835 ㎡
Project tonnage: 2000 tons
Project Overview: This project consists of 6 workshops and laboratories in the production center. The workshop is a steel frame structure with door type, the ancillary office room is a steel frame structure, the fire resistance rating is level ii, and the seismic fortification intensity of the building is 8 degrees. Roof engineering by purlin, steel beam, YX51-380-760 color pressed steel plate, the thermal insulation layer of glass silk floss, USES the steel plate roofing waterproof, waterproof grade level for Ⅱ; The surface of the pressed steel plate is coated with PVDF.