Typical project cases - coal chemical industry
Us Air Chemical (AP) annual production of 1 million tons of ethylene glycol project
Construction unit: American Air Chemical Group Project address: Tokto County, Hohhot city Steel usage: 7000 tons Project Overview: The project is located in Tokto Industrial Park, Tokto County, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is 363,000 Nm3/h coal gasification unit and supporting works. It is the first coal gasification and syngas supply project invested and operated by Air Products Of The United States in China. The scale of the project is to produce 1 million tons of ethylene glycol per year, using coal as raw material, using mature aerospace coal gasification technology and shell pulverized coal pressure gasification technology and the world's advanced Davy company formaldehyde hydrogen carboxylation technology to synthesize ethylene glycol.
Yanzhou Coal Industry Yulin nerification project with annual output of 500,000 tons of polymethoxy dimethyl ether
Construction unit: Yanzhou Coal Yulin Chemical Co., LTD Project address: Yulin Qingshui Industrial Park steel quantity: 4000 tons Project Overview: This project is a polymethoxy dimethyl ether project constructed by Yanzhou Yulin Neng Chemical Co., LTD., with an annual output of 500,000 tons. The first phase project has an annual output of about 100,000 tons. The project includes the process of pipe rack installation area, heat supply pipe gallery, loading and unloading station, methylal synthesis (901A/901B/902A/902B), and additional pipe racks for finished product tank area.

Inner Mongolia Phaeton annual production of 600,000 tons of ethylene glycol project
Construction unit: Inner Mongolia Phaeton Energy Chemical Co., LTD Project address: Tuyou Banner, Baotou City Steel usage: 3,300 tons Project Overview: This project is a 600,000-ton ethylene glycol steel structure gasification frame steel structure project of Phaeton. The main part of the gasification frame steel structure is connected by cross column, box column and H-type steel beam, and the flanges are mainly connected by groove welding. The elevation of the gasification frame is 32 meters and below of reinforced concrete structure, 32 meters to 95 meters of steel structure frame structure, the total steel used is 3300 tons.
Inner Mongolia Rongxin Chemical Industry annual output of 400,000 tons of ethylene glycol and 300,000 tons of DMMn circular economy demonstration project ethylene glycol unit
Construction unit: Inner Mongolia Rongxin Chemical Co., LTD Project address: Ordos City Steel usage: 13,000 tons Project Overview: This project is the ethylene glycol unit dimethyl oxalate synthesis framework, DMO refining and water separation framework, ethylene glycol synthesis framework, ethylene glycol separation and refining framework steel structure system. The company contracted the ethylene glycol synthesis framework, ethylene glycol separation and refining framework steel structure system two unit structures.

Baofeng Energy Recycling economy Industrial Park recycling transformation phase more than 600,000 / year olefin project public utility steel structure project
Project Address: Baofeng Industrial Park, Yinchuan city Steel usage: 7000 tons Project summary: baofeng energy circular economy industrial park circulating fluidized renovation project phase ii 600000 tons/year olefin project utilities installation of steel structure engineering construction project is located in the ningxia hui autonomous region lingwu ningdong town, my unit over major public construction project engineering, steel structure fabrication and installation of steel propylaea span 6 km, total tonnage of about 7000 tons of steel structure, including a pier 63 m span (G20) qingdao-yinchuan expressway, a pier 48 m across 209 provincial highway, the principal part of the project total duration period of 6 months.
This flag jianyuan coal science and technology co., LTD. 600000 tons/year of coke oven gas as the b ニ alcohol project
Project address: Chessboard well Industrial Park, Etok Economic Development Zone, Inner Mongolia Project tonnage: 11,000 tons Project Overview: The project covers a total area of 630 mu and is implemented in stages. The first phase is 260,000 tons per year and the second phase is 340,000 tons per year. The project of ethylene glycol production is mainly controlled by raw material of the coke oven gas supply, according to the company's existing coking plant production situation at present, coke oven gas stable supply capacity of 64500 nm3 / H, gas as raw material to verify glycol unit 260000 tons (first phase) scale is relatively reasonable, operation is not affected by raw material fluctuations, low investment, full range can be achieved 100% of full capacity.
Yiding Chemical granulation tower (single tower, double tower) project
Construction unit: Erdos City Yiding Coal chemical Industry Co., LTD Project address: Hangjin Banner, Erdos City Building height: 61.3 m Project Overview: The main components of steel structure installation include spiral welded steel pipe column, connecting steel beam, roof beam and secondary structural column support, horizontal support, purlin and so on.