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Zhonghengfeng · Changyin Steel Structure entered the steel structure bridge market in 2010, and Changyin Bridge emerged as The Times required. This innovative and brave technical service team has now become one of the front-line ranks in the processing, production and installation of steel structure Bridges.
In recent years, Permanent bridge focuses on highway engineering and municipal utility engineering steel structure bridge processing and installation services, and works closely with urban transportation systems in many places to build a number of landmark steel structure bridge projects. A smelting successively with the east bridge, wuhan, Beijing shougang, chongqing in the building, alternating (one male and four innings, worldcom, rui tong), zhongjian (three, six, seven innings), iron (construction, 10, 10 innings, 20 game) and other large state-owned enterprises, was founded, the state cooperation, carries on bridge structure types including the steel beam, box beam and prestressed arch bridge bridge, engineering footprint, including Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, Tibet, shaanxi, Beijing, yunnan, qinghai, shandong, hebei, tianjin, and other provinces and regions.
Representative project cases:
● Tianjin Haiqing Highway (Jinhan Highway ~ West Outer Ring Highway) Steel Structure bridge Professional subcontract Project (8700 tons)
● Jingxiong Expressway SG2 Contract Project Management Department Steel Box Girder No.2 Work Area Specialized subcontract Project (6000 tons)
● Steel box Girder processing and Installation Project of New Airport Connection Line, Yunzhong Road, Hohhot (9000 tons)
● Steel box Girder project of The Third Stage of South Second Ring Road, Hohhot City (8000 tons)
Low Hohhot bayinnaoer road upgrade the bridge steel structure engineering bid Ⅱ professional of the subcontract works (4300 tons)
● Steel Box Girder Assembly and Welding Project (14000 tons), Zhilimu Road, Zhaowuda Road, Hohhot
● Hohhot Jinsheng Expressway no.2 Standard Steel Structure Project steel main beam and steel box Girder Project (cable-stayed bridge) (7000 tons)
● Xi 'an Outer Ring Highway South Section LJ-02 Contract Section Project Manager Department Steel structure bridge Professional contract Project (3900 tons)
● Construction Project of Bridge Steel Structure, Hailaer East Street, Hailaer West Street, Jinhai Road, Hohhot (4000 tons)
● Overpass Project of West Yunnan Ba Road, Qamdo Town (1000 tons)
● Section 3, West Extension Road, Santun Monument, Urumqi, Xinjiang (1000 tons)
● Bai 'an Expressway Construction General Contracting Project Management Headquarters Steel structure bridge professional subcontracting project (4000 tons)
● Erdos City Dongsheng to Akang Center Logistics Park Expressway Kangbashi Link across Baomao Expressway Bridge Project (3000 tons)
● Coal, electricity and aluminum integration base, New District, Zongherqi Road, Ordos City, High-speed Bridge Project (steel arch bridge, 2300 tons)
Hengfeng, permanent steel structure engineering in the enterprise team mainly focus on industrial plant, oil coal chemical industry, power plant, airport logistics, and high-rise buildings, and other fields, the combination of steel structure design, manufacture, installation and service of professional team, in recent years, with the state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, the world top 500 companies such as closely to build a number of national key projects.
Team successively and Inner Mongolia electric power construction group, sinochem LiuJian, sinochem ErJian, China railway shisiju, yankuang group, tianshun wind, Montana aluminum, yili dairy, China ChengDa, China engineering science and technology, Shanghai electric power, electricity transmission &transformation facilities in Beijing, lu yankuang donghua construction units, such as cooperation, the construction of steel structure and metal color plate processing production and installation of engineering, engineering including: Beijing yanqing, hebei zhangjiakou, Tibet, shaanxi, yulin (xi 'an) male, hebei, tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, baotou, ordos, mesozoic-cenozoic, etc.
Permanent steel structure engineering company team to do a project, a monument tree, make one side friend, foster a batch of personnel for the idea, to create a would, to the war, the victory of war of the management team, cultivate a group of high comprehensive quality management personnel, to create excellent project with culture, with originality brings high quality service for the customer.
Representative project cases:
● Tower Of 15MW Solar Thermal Power Station, Zhangjiakou ****, Steel Structure Construction Project (height: 148m)
● Ejin Banner Station Renovation Project (construction area: 4590㎡)
● Baotou Tianshun Wind Power Equipment Co., LTD. Processing Workshop Expansion Project (5000㎡)
● Construction project of modern mining Equipment Production Base of Ordos Shizhuan Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD. (construction area: 2,600m2)
● Mengtai Aluminum 900,000 tons of annual aluminum strip Project Phase I Project (steel structure 6,500 tons, aluminum magnesium manganese plate 124,800 square meters)
● New Raw materials warehouse Expansion project of Baotou Yili Dairy Co., LTD. (construction area: 1780㎡)
● Inner Mongolia Rongxin 400,000 tons of ethylene glycol and 300,000 tons of DMMn project (12,000 tons of steel structure, 43,000 ㎡ of color steel plate)
● Zhangbei Flexible DC Project (Beijing section) Converter Station Project
● Inner Mongolia Xinli Textile Technology Co., LTD. Energy-saving and environment-friendly Cashmere textile and Incubation Project (construction area: 30,000m2)
● Zhangbei 1000 kV Substation Project
● Large Gas Island EP Project of Air Chemical Products Co., LTD. (3000 tons)
● Yanzhou Coal Industry Yulin Neng Chemical Co., LTD. Annual Output of 100,000 tons of polymethoxy dimethyl ether project (3500 tons)
● Shaanxi Coal Yulin Chemical Co., LTD. 15 million tons of coal quality, clean and efficient Conversion Demonstration Project (3000 tons)
Zhonghengfeng · Permanent Steel Structure co., LTD. 's enclosing plate business was founded in 2010, and the plate Business Division was formally established in 2017 on the platform of Permanent Steel Structure Group Co., LTD., to bring customers new plate solutions integrating design, production, installation and maintenance. 10 years of a long history, through the unremitting efforts to innovation, is now enduring the new plate professional ability in independent research and development team, production equipment update after iterations, more able to meet the demand of a new era of high quality, professional management team with constant quality as the core, service clients for the idea, service in all walks of life for many years.
The engineering achievements of Changyin panel team have spread throughout northwest, North China, South China and other regions. Services range from industrial buildings to public buildings; From industrial plant to urban rail transit; Team efforts to innovate, aggressive; "Serve customers, achieve you and me" is always the concept of eternal plate eternal.
Representative project cases:
● Qinghubei Station Project, Work Area 4301-1A, Shenzhen Metro Line 4 (Arc-building Aluminum-Magnesium manganese System + glass curtain Decoration, 5000 m)
● Inner Mongolia Shanshan Technology Annual output of 100,000 tons of lithium ion battery anode materials project (construction area: 160,000; material supply of plate envelope-enclosing system: 500,000)
● Shenhua Yulin Recycling Economy Coal Comprehensive Utilization Project (boiler body seal new plate area 30,000m)
● Yunenghua Phase I Filling and replenishment Project 300,000 tons/year LDPE/EVA device Project (new type plate 25000 m)
● Sichuan Sichuan Boiler Co., LTD., long-term qualified supplier (boiler steel frame accumulative total of about 5000T and supporting tight enclosed enclosing plate)
● Huawei Data Center Phase II Project (steel structure supply quantity: 2400T)
● State Power Construction Investment Inner Mongolia Energy Co., LTD. Blen Power Plant Phase I project (steel structure 2000T, color plate enclosure 50,000m)
● Baoaluminum-owned power plant 2×330WM Air-cooled power generation and heating unit Phase I and PHASE II projects (steel structure 10000T)
● Steel Structure Project of Ordos Bronze Museum (dome structure, 54m high, 3000T in total, ordos landmark building)
● Dome steel Structure Project of Guotai Plaza, Ejin Horo Banner (dome structure, with circular shape)
Zhonghengfeng · Permanent Steel Structure Beijing Co., Ltd. specializes in rail transit construction projects, brings together many elite technical personnel with many years of experience in the construction industry, and aims to become the industry's top rail construction solution provider. The team is full of passion and enterprising, good at creating first-class high-quality engineering projects. The company has a number of professional qualifications in architectural design, construction and labor contracting, advanced and mature technology research and development level, and perfect management process of high-speed railway, railway and other railway construction projects. In just a few years, with the strong technical strength, quality product plan, perfect service system, has made rapid development, so far has left the quality mark of Zhonghengfeng in the track construction process of many provinces and cities in China.
Companies adhering to the "tree corporate image, create quality engineering" purposes and "healthy development, to do fine and stronger" the enterprise idea, the ongoing technological innovation, equipment innovation, service innovation, management innovation, relying on its own technology and capital strength of the construction industry in maintain core competitiveness in the market, to promote the field of construction steel structure technology and intelligent development of our country.

Representative project cases:
● New Railway Yinchuan to Xi 'an Railway Yinchuan Bullet train Inspection depot (total construction area 23281㎡, total structural capacity 1800 tons)
● New Zhongwei South Railway Station Project from Wuzhong to Zhongwei (total structural capacity: 4000 tons)
● Shaanxi Shangluo Power Plant (total enclosure area: 16,000m2)
● Locomotive overhaul combined garage of Korla in Xinjiang section of Golmud to Korla line of newly-built railway (total structural capacity: 4500 tons)
● Ruoqiang Locomotive Depot project of newly-built railway line from Golmud to Korla (8 units with total structure capacity of 1400 tons)
● China Railway Beijing Bureau Shanghai-Hangzhou High Speed Railway Station Steel Structure Engineering - Bozhou South Railway Station, Gucheng East Railway Station (total structural capacity of 9000 tons)
● YXZF-1 yXZF-1 Station in Shaanxi section of Yinxi Railway Ganxian Station, Xianyang North Yuan Station, Liquan South Station steel structure project
(Total structural capacity: 1550 tons, 8500㎡ of aluminum magnesium manganese board, 2100㎡ of aluminum single board)
● Lanzhou Rolling Stock Depot Renovation Project lanzhou Reconditioning depot (total structural capacity 4500 tons)