Enterprise development Milestone
The company undertakes the first project "Baoxi locomotive depot steel structure project" the first car components leave the factory, marking the permanent steel structure official operation
Open up the wasteland and build factories to open the road of entrepreneurship;
The company has obtained the first-class qualification of steel structure manufacturing enterprise
The construction of "trans-Baomao High-speed bridge" marks the formal opening of the bridge business of permanent steel structure;
Establishment of Shanghai Company
Baotou Changjian Steel Structure Co., LTD was established
Set up workshop and introduce production line
Undertake the first hetero-spatial structure
"Ordos Bronze Museum"
Commissioning of the equipment was completed and officially put into production
Become a member of China Steel Structure Association
Set up an expert advisory group on steel structure technology
Won the award of outstanding construction enterprises in the construction industry
Upgraded to steel structure professional contracting level ii qualification
Establish A BIM research team to open up information management
The company has passed the certification of engineering construction organization and quality management system
It has become the first private enterprise in Inner Mongolia to obtain the first-class qualification of steel structure professional contracting
Establishment of Xinjiang Branch
Establishment of Xizang Branch
General contracting of construction projects and construction labor qualifications of professional contracting of bridge engineering
Certified by the Occupational Health and Safety System
Environmental management system certification
The company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise
It has become a member of China Steel Structure Association and an executive member of Inner Mongolia Construction Industry Association
Company chairman Tony Lee was elected as the President of the Inner Mongolia Metal Structure Association
Beijing company was established, focusing on the development of rail transit business
It was renamed As Inner Mongolia Hengjian Steel Structure (Group) Co., LTD
The company was rated as the leading professional enterprise in Inner Mongolia
Optimize the integration of resources, the establishment of zhonghengfeng construction Group
Establishment of Shaanxi Company
Optimize business sector, bridge, engineering, plate, rail construction independent business operation
The tenth anniversary of the company
Three construction projects won the Gold Award of Inner Mongolia Steel structure
Zhonghengfeng (Shandong) Heavy Industry Steel Structure Co., Ltd was established