Typical project cases - Bridge section
Cross - Huada High - speed steel structure arch Bridge project
Construction unit: Erdos Dongfang Road and Bridge Group Co., LTD Project address: Ordos City Tonnage: 2300 tons Project summary: the integration of coal aluminum base for the road to the bridge district coal and electricity integration of aluminium base WeiEr Road cable project starting point is located in the road and east loop intersections, the finish is located in lunan coal chemical industry base in the big weft second street intersection, and the three is a connecting base for coal and electricity integration industrial park, west and south coal chemical industry base of important channel. As its throat, cross - Hu-Da highway bridge project is an important landscape node.
Lj-2 steel Box Girder bridge project of The South Section of Xi 'an Outer Ring Expressway
Construction unit: Shaanxi Expressway Group Co., LTD
Project address: Xi 'an
Tonnage: 3,400 tons
Xi 'an Outer Ring Expressway (south section) Qinzhen interchange is located in the west of Qindu Town, and it is connected with Xihu First-level highway, which is responsible for the interchange between urban road and expressway. 18 beams left and 16 beams right of Qinzhen Overpass K8+095.75 Steel box concrete composite bridge (60+80+60) were used for the second. Composite beam made of high-tensile steel Q370qDNH trough steel was used for the main girder. The roadway plate was 16.9m wide, the total height of the main girder was 4.0m, K-shaped bracing was used for the main girder, and the longitudinal spacing was 4m. Precast concrete slabs are used in the roadway, with transverse full width precast and transverse prestress; Nail holes are reserved for the running rail board, and cluster welding nails are set on the upper flange plate of the steel beam corresponding to the welding nail holes and wet joints. After positioning and installation of the precast running rail board, the welding nail holes and wet joint concrete are poured to connect with the steel beam.
Dheihe Cable-stayed Bridge project, Jinsheng Road, Hohhot
Project address: Hohhot city
Steel usage: 11,000 tons
Dheihe cable-stayed bridge is a key control project of Jinsheng Expressway project in Inner Mongolia and Linger New Area. The bridge type adopts 135+135m special-shaped arch tower single tower with double cable plane cable-stayed bridge scheme. The tower and pier are consolidated without auxiliary pier. The main tower of the bridge is 4,100 tons, the main bridge is 4,300 tons, and the approach bridge is 2,600 tons. The main pier of the bridge tower is set on the core island of the river, and the single hole spans the river on both sides of the north and south respectively and the river patrol road on the bank. The cable tower is a double oval shaped four-arch ring type cable tower, with a height of 86m. The cable is arranged in a fan shape with double cable surface, the upper main beam is made of steel-mixed composite beam, the cable is made of parallel steel wire bundle, and the main pier is made of pile group foundation, which is bored pile foundation.
Steel box girder bridge for new Airport Connection line, Yunzhong Road, Hohhot
Project address: Hohhot city
Steel usage: 16,000 tons
Project Overview: This project is a bridge project of the new Airport connecting line project of Yunzhong Road in Hohhot. According to the design of The Central South Design and Research Institute Of China Municipal Engineering Co., LTD., the bridge project is divided into main viaduct, parallel ramp, etc., of which the main viaduct is 3.26km in length, 35m in standard width, and has eight lanes in both directions. The superstructure is prestressed concrete simply supported continuous small box girder, steel box girder, steel-mixed composite beam. The steel structure of the composite beam adopts all-welded steel girder, which is composed of the main beam, the cross-separated beam and the 1-character stiffening rib. The top surface of the upper flange plate of the steel beam is set.The shear bond is connected with the concrete bridge face plate as a whole, and the lower structure is in the form of cast-in-place cap beam + column + pile cap + bored pile. The lower cap, column and cap beam all adopt the cast-in-place construction method. The full length of steel box girder P61-P72 is 446.025 m.
Steel Box Girder project of No.2 Work Area of SG2 Contract section of Jingxiong Expressway
Construction unit: Chongqing Communications Construction (Group) Co., LTD
Project address: Gu 'an County, Hebei Province
Total steel output: 4700 tons
Project Overview: The Owner of SG2 standard project of Hebei section of Expressway from Beijing to Xiongan New Area is Hebei Provincial Highway Administration. The project is divided into six contract sections. The second contract section of this project is undertaken by Chongqing Communications Construction (Group) Co., LTD. After bidding by Chongqing Communications Construction (Group) Co., LTD., our company is the subcontracting construction unit of steel box girder in no.2 work area. The construction scope includes A, B, C, D, G ramp bridge and Steel box girder of Langzhuo high speed overpass of Hebei section of the Expressway from Beijing to Xiongan New Area SG2 at Dongwan Interchange.
Haiqing Highway (Jinhan Highway ~ West Outer Ring Highway) project
Construction unit: Tianjin Ninghe District Transportation Bureau
Address: Ninghe District, Tianjin
Total steel capacity: 10,200 tons
Project Overview: The starting point of this project is the intersection of Haiqing Highway and current Jinghan Highway. The route -- straight to the south, intersects with the planned secondary trunk Road three, crosses Xinjinghan Highway and Changshen highway, and ends at the reserved exit of The West Outer Ring Highway in the future Science and Technology City. Main control points: completed section of Haiqing Highway, Changshan-Shenzhen Expressway, other planned roads in the region (mainly Xinjin and Han Roads). Road), trunk Road iv, Secondary trunk Road III, West Outer Ring Highway and future Science and Technology City, etc.
Steel box girder of Huhhot City Zhaowuda Road, Zhilimu Road reconstruction and upgrading project
Construction unit: Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co. LTD
Project address: Hohhot city
Tonnage: 14,000 tons
Project description: the project is under construction, party a is the Beijing shougang construction group co., LTD., the engineering amount of about 14000 tons, the project of expressway runs from south, north to north expressway, the total length of about 9.22 km, completed in the form of an elevated, two-way six lanes of the main road, is the single largest and longest line prefabricated elevated expressway, all at home the first large-scale application of octave seismic area, also is Hohhot to improve the traffic environment, improve the people quality of life the focus of people's livelihood project.